i ADORE all your kyoukai no kanata gifs, they're simply perfect! if you ever feel like making more (of akkey, hiroomi perferably haha) it would be awesome, thanks for making all those gifs up till now!

aw thank you, im glad to hear you like them! i’m busy with exams at the moment so i have no time to make graphics right now but i’d love to make more in the future!! summer, please come quick… image

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Deepika Padukone for Vogue Eyewear: Behind the Scenes

Deepika Padukone for Vogue Eyewear: Behind the Scenes

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Malaika Firth for Dolce & Gabbana Model Profiling

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(58) KIKO MIZUHARA icon batch

✶free to use, credit isn’t needed unless you want to (in which case, thanks).
✶i could try making a few gif icons too if anyone is interested, just drop me a word.



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Hello, I was wondering if I can use the Ai gif you made to make an edit with it. I'd give you credit and everything! :)

yes, of course! just for reference to anyone else, it’s okay to use any of my gifs, credited or otherwise. thank you for asking, though! image